December 31, 2011

2012 Colour Trend: TANGERINE TANGO!

I think I've become addicted to blogging about Pantone, it was inevitable! In 2010 we swooned over turquoise, in 2011 honeysuckle pink brought us back to life and now 2012 is like a shot of fire to the senses, pushing the limits, and then some!

Similar to last year's honeysuckle pink (pink, with a deep reddish tone), the 'Tangerine Tango' 17-1463 also has a lot of depth to it's colour tone, being more of a 'blood orange' than just your average block colour. There is a seduction and sophistication about this colour with a lot of drama, flair and obviously a spanish accent at times (see the Louboutin heels, Spring 2012 in the bottom right of my 'mood board').  With a romantic reminiscence of a sunset, Tangerine Tango is the love child of a vivacious, adrenaline pumping red and a friendly, warm yellow.

Orange tones have been growing in popularity over the years especially in
  fashion & accessories for the runway and in retail, men and women's. It is predicted this colour will last all year to "fall" in the US (as an autumnal favourite). In Australia, I'm already seeing it in shops & boutiques, it's going to go off in Summer, especially paired with bronzed skin and the beach.

Tangerine Tango is a sure-fire winner in cosmetics because of it's versatile nature to be exotic & non-intimidating unlike a fiery red. It will without a doubt "go off" (for make up) for cheeks, lips and nails and even eyeshadow! (I've already fallen for the lipstick and nail polish). Being a complimentary (opposite) colour to blue & green eyes it will flatter and make your eye colour pop, but if you're like me & have brown eyes, don't be disheartened; Tangerine Tango brings out an amber tone to brown eyes.

Interior decoration will also be energized with Tangerine Tango in homewares, wall paper, pillows, bedspreads, tabletop accessories and appliances/gadgets, adding spice to any room. This is definitely the year to have a pop of colour in your house as a feature wall, especially for your kitchen, hallway or entrance. I'd love it in my living room personally!

I hope you have a lovely 2012 as I write this on NYE and wish you a year filled with spirit, vitality, and everything Tangerine Tango embodies! I now have to go and buy some coveted nail polish and lippy. X

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December 16, 2011

Final Fashion Shoot for 2011

Behind the Scenes shot
Well this shoot will go down in history as one of my faves, although they all are always my favourites. When you put your heart into what you do, it becomes something special & a bit precious to you. And for that I am grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to have some fun, play dress ups and style a test shoot filled with very contrasting looks.

Behind the Scenes shot
 Our stunning model Chantel was like a chameleon, taking on different characters & styles of form and grace to compliment every look we threw at her. Hats off to you Chantel, you are a gem and a true sweetheart to work with. I hope you go far :)

Lauren Parkinson, created magic among the world of Make Up artistry, starting with a natural, glowing complexion, highlighting Chantel's features & then built up the intensity for later looks, amplifying and adding a bit of  'sparkle' and 'shimmer' to create a high fashion, avant garde look. Gold and metallic blush pink were the key colours to compliment the fashion, styled by me, with garments from The Vanitas Collective.

Behind the Scenes shot
The Vanitas Collective, is a fabulous and unique boutique, located at Shop 8 / 19-23 Beach Rd, Christies Beach (South of Adelaide) and is in a league of its own and rocking it. I am so glad this boutique is giving it everything it's got and showing the world what it's like to live life with a bit more edge, creativity, flair, unrestrained beauty and empowerment.

Behind the Scenes shot
I really recommend checking it out, it has a little bit of everything. Owner Bianca mostly enjoys all genres of fashion and styling & encourages young women to have a bit of fun & I couldn't agree more. In this shoot, Chantel donned 2 Chanel-inspired jackets by Three Seasons and some black studded hot pants. It's great when you finally find a garment which matches your taste & style, (and then some!) and won't be in every shopping mall you come across. Check it out.

Behind the Scenes shot
Hair styling was by Anita, I am a big fan ever since I saw her mermaid-style hair on Lauren, what a siren! Is there anything she can't do with hair? Again, she wowed us all with a brilliant, fashion-forward, avant garde style which included adding something fluffy inside the bun-style up-do to give it a real 'couture' look, complete with a soft crimped finish and fine bits of crimped hair falling around the face. Beautiful & a bit futuristic.

Behind the Scenes shot
And last (but not least) photographer Antony Snape, our commander in chief, took us to the front line, to do battle with the rain and mud during the fashion shoot. We bravely persevered despite risking the lives of all the electrical lights and cameras and things. But when you see the photos, you can understand why we stayed.

Behind the Scenes shot
Antony's vision was truly made a reality when all the pieces fell together. Instead of working against the rain & mud, he worked with it, creating some captivating and unpredictable moments caught in time. His editing is in a league of it's own, and I'm not just saying that. Just look. Inimitable, stylized, & genuine. His photos do more than just convey information & a mood. They take you somewhere else.

Behind the Scenes shot
My favourite moment was when Chantel was dressed in my white chiffon, backless goddess gown I'd made in the past, specifically for being submerged in water (beach shoots, etc) as it had a double lining and bust cups built in so the dress will never go transparent no matter how soaked it is. The rain is getting heavier, the dirt is now mud and Antony decides it's time to get the dress muddy and just go for it. For those of you who don't sew, this is like someone wanting to take your Ferrari onto a  muddy dirt track for some rally driving!

Behind the Scenes shot
 I hesitatingly agreed and I'm so glad I did in the end because the image Antony created is and will forever be one of my favourites. The location looks like a Norwegian pine forest or somewhere foreign and there amidst it all is an earth-bound goddess, mud smeared over her porcelain skin and diaphanous gown which no longer floats but is pulled by the forces of gravity, tethering her to the ground as she looks up, almost like a fallen angel. I love that shot. (I had to wash the dress five times to rinse the dirt out, but I'd do it all again).

Behind the Scenes shot
My other personal favourite would have to be the shot of Chantel spinning in a cream, sunray pleated chiffon dress with a fluttery collar and mid-length sleeves. I've used that dress before (see the aviator shoot) but it has a whole new, clean, innocent feel to it here. Chantel is also wearing my millinery piece (1920's sinamay cloche hat for sale) and it suits so well. It felt like a scene from Downton Abbey, or from that era. Another magical moment captured.
Behind the Scenes shot

You would have been amazed to see just how much that dress glowed in a ghostly way in such a dark and mysterious pine forest. You would also be amazed to know that the dress belonged to my grandmother. She's thrilled to see it has another life & was revived for photography's sake. As am I. As that has been my part as a stylist on Antony's fashion shoots over the past two years.

Behind the Scenes shot
I have been honored to be a part of this journey and have seen another world I couldn't comprehend as deeply as I have until I've lived it. This may be my last fashion shoot for a while, as I'm about to start studying full time next year. I hope it isn't. I can't imagine not going on these little fashion shoots to amazing locations with Antony and the team. But I am glad to have experienced it & will always look back with fond memories. "Happiness is Gratitude" It's been a valuable journey, one I'll never forget; one I'm glad I've chronicled here on this blog so people can look back and learn and laugh about all the things that happen & surprise you and can change you (I hope for the better).
Behind the Scenes shot

I have grown so much over the last two years, met some incredible and inspirational people who work so hard in their field & challenge conventions & push themselves. I can't list them all here, there's too many; but they're in this blog :) The word gratitude will never do it justice, but I owe a lot to Antony, for him noticing I had an eye for detail & for my love of accessories and dressing people. As a small child, my free time was all about playing "dress ups" with my collection of 80's clothes from my mum, wearing heels 10 sizes too big & pretending to be someone absolutely fabulous at age 5. Styling fashion shoots has been as joyous and exciting as those childhood memories I hold so close to me.
Thankyou for the journey :) Stay tuned for the 'Behind the Scenes' Video I will be posting soon too. Keep up to date with things via my fan page: Belinda Zanello: Fashion, styling, illustration & jewellery.

Here are the final images from the shoot:

Photographer: Antony Snape
Model: Chantel Zupancic Flavel
MUA: Lauren Parkinson
Hair Stylist: Anita Johns
Stylist: Belinda Zanello
Fashion: The Vanitas Collective & stylist's own

December 12, 2011

Sewing Chaos!

This week I've been sewing flat out to stock up on my creations for the Willunga Artisans Market. I made 5 cropped vest tops & 4 aprons. Here they are! The cropped Vest Tops are $20 + postage and are all size 10. The aprons are $20 + postage and are one-size-fits-all. For inquiries email

Willunga Artisans Market!

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday! As I arrived at Willunga I noticed a few other markets happening all in the same area, the Farmer's Market (local produce) and then the Artisans Market in the show hall, and behind that was another market outdoors! The place was buzzing and it was only 8am! The WILLUNGA ARTISANS MARKET was held from 9am-1pm at The Willunga Show Hall, 2 Main Road, Willunga.

I was selling a bit of everything I make, from fashion, to millinery & fascinators, fashion illustrations & prints, framed & unframed in A4 or A3, fabric clutch purses, carry bags and even aprons!

Vanessa was selling fantasy art, beautiful animal art and even coasters, hand painted and varnished complete with felt bases and diamontes. She was also selling prints of her fabulous art.

It was a great experience to see so many locals supporting the community by buying our creations. I was joined by my artist friend Vanessa Kalderovskis: ( and we both made a great profit and met a lot of other creative, like-minded people.

Here is the link to the Willunga Artisans Market: The next market is Jan 14th 2012, 9am-1pm, 2 Main Road Willunga (the show hall)

Myself & Vanessa at our stalls