August 29, 2011

VIDEO: Fierce Fashion Shoot: Behind the scenes

Here it is at last! It was a joy to make and a privilege to share with you all. Huge thanks to the team:

Photographer: Antony Snape
Model: Erin Habermann
MUA: Marie Fiorita
Stylist/Designer: Belinda Zanello
Assistant: Luke Greaves

Make sure you read my previous post 'A Stylist's Recount' to read from the horses mouth what it was like working on this fashion shoot!

August 22, 2011

Stylist's Recount: Edgy, Fierce Shoot

Hello dear readers!

My humblest apologies for such  a long gap in between blog posts, work has consumed me and I've also been creating Fantasy Fascinators by night like a Mad Hatter! (photos coming soon!).

The latest shoot I was fortunate to style was for Photographer Antony Snape ( Based around the darker side of fashion; a little street-style, a bit dominatrix, a bit sharp-edged glamour and strong shape-oriented silhouettes, I had my black corset at the ready for a structured, fierce feel!

Our lovely model Erin's stunning cheekbones and bright eyes were brought to centre stage by Make-Up Artist Marie Fiorita (, who I must say impressed on all levels, with one of those folding high chairs like you see on the set of a movie for Erin to sit on while she worked her magic.. and the adrenaline kicked in and I started reaching for my Vogue and RUSSH magazines for ideas and themes I had to talk about with them.

It was a great shoot at a location I'd never been to (not local) but amazing, industrial, nautical, clean and just perfect weather (not bad for this winter!) Antony knows how to take a location and work with it in unexpected ways for fashion photography & his use of colour tones is my favourite part. There is a consistent blue theme in the fashion/accessories and I like how it's been accentuated with the background. The red tones in the corset-shots really bring out the sinister intensity I was hoping for in Erin's fashion-look. It was a privelidge to have my fashion and jewellery (& fascinator) featured in this fashion shoot.

 Erin looked incredible in my corset (first corset I made back in 2009, cinches in your waist 8 inches, if you do the corsetry course at Tafe SA Fashion, you won't regret it!). My favourite part was seeing Erin in the white GaGa style 6 inch platform stilettos wearing the black corset underneath the long blue chiffon gown (I designed & made a few months earlier).

The sun was starting to set, there were these great shadows mixing with the background and a warm golden light and all of a sudden for no reason the wind started blowing in Erin's direction, blowing up the dress Marilyn Monroe-style and creating that perfect shot, I love it when that happens! Especially when there's no powerpoints for a fan to make wind, mother nature provides!

A big thank you to the whole team and assistant Luke Greaves for keeping the whole shoot seamless and creative and supportive and exciting! It was a great day!

I'll be making a 'Behind-the-Scenes' video this week, stay tuned to see footage from this shoot on location, I can't wait to start working on it!


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