August 10, 2013

Guest Blogger: Molly Hartman

A few days ago, a lovely New York blogger by the name of Molly Hartman,  ( wrote to me to ask if she could contribute a guest blog post on budget fashion blogging, as she writes she is a plus-sized, soon-to-be young professional breaking into the brilliant world of budget fashion blogging. Motivated to identify ways to save money and live life more fabulously using modest resources for beauty, fashion and lifestyle. My response.. Yes!!!!

Please enjoy Molly's post and check out her blog:  (

Affordable Beauty and Fashion Tips Maximize Savings and Increase Style Options

Creating a modern and stylish wardrobe and fashionable appearance on a budget can certainly be a challenge; but with a little creativity and a frugal mindset, it is possible to accomplish!  From perfecting the latest hairstyles to showcasing your most flattering features in beautiful and fashionable clothing, there are numerous ways you can make your dollars stretch to achieve the look you want!  

Embrace Frugal Actions for General Beauty Needs

We all know that buying cosmetics can quickly add up to a significant chunk of change!  In order to help your makeup items last longer, consider using a facial primer.  Primers help makeup to be smoothly applied and won’t absorb a large amount of product. Bonus round - finishing off your makeup with a light powder will help to prevent having to reapply makeup throughout the day!

Chic and Inexpensive Ways to Embrace Trendy Fashions

If you have yet to try out ModCloth, there is no better time like the present!  ModCloth represents the best of vintage retro clothing and accessories that work well for a variety of style needs.  Whether you are going out on a casual lunch date, dressing for the office or planning a romantic dinner, ModCloth is a company you can trust to help you look beautiful and trendy!  Check out their amazing clearance deals from their sale rack!

Fashionable accessories can always be found in thrift stores and on discounted sale racks.  You might be amazed at how much fun you can have playing with new accessories to see how they pair with certain outfits.  Buy a wide belt; wear a sun hat tilted at a darling angle and use-beaded jewelry for an Audrey Hepburn look! There are numerous ways to get creative to pair chic accessories with great outfits!

Maximize Hair Beauty

During summer time, your lovely locks can take a beating from sun exposure, chlorine from pools and chemicals from hot tubs.  Consider wearing a hat when you go out in the sun to minimize sun damage.  Additionally, you can also put your hair up and avoid getting it wet when you go to the pool.  This will help to reduce damage from chemicals to your hair.  Consider adding a deep conditioning treatment during the summer to lock in the moisture!

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