May 15, 2013

Hairspray the Musical!

H'ok! Onto the next project! My friend is director of the highschool musical this year and has asked me to be Costume Co-ordinator! Best part, it's for HAIRSPRAY, The Musical!

So if you see me getting all excited about anything 1960's related over the next two months, you'll know why! Here's a sneak peak of last night's designing!

It's been a ball researching the Broadway and Film versions and there's still so much to do and so little time! We start sewing this Saturday!

Kate's Henna Baby Belly Painting!

My lovely friend Kate asked me to create a henna body art design on her baby bump as it's only one more month to go! Baby Belly Paintings have really taken off lately and this is my fourth one I've painted. The henna is lovely as it doesn't leave too dark a mark either, and I mix it myself with the powder, oil and water, always checking first for allergies.

Kate picked out a design from searching online and we adapted it to suit the story she wanted to tell. While no one knows the baby's gender, (though I have my suspicions!) We chose a simple, 'nature' style, added two frogs, changed the flower design and I added more flare and embellishment and then decided to complete the art work by having Kate's hands frame her baby belly.

As I'm studying Digital Photography at uni currently, I thought I'd have a go at photographing it. Kate's 3 year old daughter also wanted some henna designs too so she had both feet painted and was such a lovely well-behaved girl. She'll make a great big sister. I'm really pleased with how the images turned out and I hope it inspires you too! See the album of my other baby belly paintings here All the best Kate! Xx

Working on Vydamo's Music Video!

Wow it feels like a long time since I last wrote on here! Hello everyone! How are we all?
I've just come back from a lovely holiday interstate, seeing the beautiful Alice Springs, enjoying the sunny weather and camping under the stars while seeing Uluru, The Olgas and Kings Canyon. Very inspired! Now I just need to put pen to paper!

Not long ago I got to style the video for Vydamo's new song "Hurricane" which will be out later next month. I am so glad I got to work with Unity Sound and Visual for a third time and also Marie Fiorita, Make Up Artist, and lovely gal who I've worked with for a few years now and loved it every time.

It was a pleasure to style the stunning models and extras and especially to make them look like they were caught in a hurricane. I learnt so much in terms of how to create structured armature from the art directors and rigging in order to achieve the effect desired. Here is a little snap shot of the day of Marie, Britney, who's patience and great sense of humour was the best, and myself. We were so pleased the work looked like she really was wind blown to the extreme, from the wire in her hair to the wire armature under her skirt, a bit of Marilyn Monroe and our masterpiece! <3 and="" complete="" i="" it="" ll="" once="" online="" p="" post="" s="" space="" the="" this="" video="" watch="">