December 22, 2012

2013 Colour Trend: Emerald!

It's that time of year again! Getting ready for 2013 and discovering the colour of the year is Pantone 17-5641 Emerald!

Why Emerald you ask? Pantone researches across the globe the colour influences which reflect what is going on in society at that point in time and predict what is to come. Areas of colour influence include the entertainment and film industry, travelling art collections, hot new artists, travel destinations and socio-economic conditions, technology, new textures and even sports which stand out across the world. Pantone influences the fashion, home and industrial design and graphic design industries.

Emerald in particular is associated with the gemstone, one of the most valuable of them all. Elegant and sophisticated, Emerald has been the colour of beauty and new life across various cultures and religions. Known as the colour of growth, renewal and prosperity this colour represents regeneration, healing and unity.

The human eye can see more green than any other colour in the spectrum. In today's highly complex world this colour's powerful and beautiful tone can be adapted easily to fashion and home interiors.

Suitable for every occasion in FASHION, Emerald lends itself to striking formalwear, as seen on the red carpet of late, but also for everyday wear and accessories. Even in men's sportswear, knitwear and ties, Emerald is making a strong statement. 

Regarding COSMETICS, Emerald can add a bit of drama to all eye colours. It enhances green eyes, is agreeable with blue eyes and emphasizes the green undertones in hazel eyes. It can intensify brown eyes, making them appear deeper! Give it a go! I have the 'Angelina' green earrings, if I get the chance I'll try some Emerald eye shadow too!

For INTERIOR DESIGN & HOMEWARES, Emerald will enhance your sense of well-being at home, either as a feature wall, accents or accessories. Beautiful and luxurious, it especially suits the entryway, dining room, study or living room. Perfect as an accent in a kitchen or dining room with Emerald dinnerware and appliances.

To read more, check out the official Pantone site:

I wish you all a lovely Christmas and wonderful 2013, make sure you let Emerald be a part of it!

Belinda x

Styling a Shoot & New BZ designs!

Behind the Scenes at Coriole Winery
Earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to style another shoot with the team. As I have started designing, pattern-making and sewing again for a mini collection for Summer 2013 I was able to produce a sample garment just in time! Made from gorgeous floral fabric from my grandmother and the buttons are vintage and given to my from my friend's mother.

It was the perfect day, the location felt like a little piece of Tuscany, hidden away in McLaren Vale. It really was beautiful and I believe it was captured beautifully by Antony. Lauren and Rose did an exceptional job at enhancing Shikara's natural beauty, she looked stunning and I'm so grateful she was my model to debut my new sewing I'll be continuing with in January 2013 to sell online.

The shoot took place at Coriole Winery and then belleZar studio. It was great to be thinking on my toes again and piecing a few things together and having fun. I'll be working on the Behind the Scenes video shortly.

Photographer: Antony Snape
Model: Shikara
Hair: Rose Snape
Stylist: Belinda Zanello
Fashion: (Red Rose halter top by BZ, jewellery by Banjara in shot with the gold sequin dress).
Make Up: Chanel N. 20 Coco Rouge, Lime Crime - Great Pink Planet, Estee Lauder LE Palette (Bronze Godess limited edition), Make Up Studio Queen Gloss. 

'Marilyn' Halter top by Belinda Zanello, Summer 2013.
Jewellery by Banjara
 Stay tuned for the 'Behind the Scenes' Video, coming soon!

Belinda x

December 10, 2012

Final Textiles Class!

Nothing compares to the feeling of helping a student grow & take control of their abilities. Today was the last day of the 9 week Textile's Course at the Seaford/Moana Neighborhood Centre (which I teach). All the students shared what they got out of the course and one beautiful student started to cry, because she had given herself a second chance at trying something she'd failed at and for the                  first time was in control of something. We all teared up a lot & I especially am so happy and proud of her efforts. Other students too appreciated my 'infectious enthusiasm' and some are thinking of starting to sell at their craft markets because I believe in them. It may not sound like much, but it helps confirm for me that teaching things I'm passionate about maybe is something I'm good at after all ♥

The Textile's class will be run again in Term 1 of 2013, stay tuned to find out dates/times.


Willunga Artisans Xmas Market!

It was a perfect day to have a stall! Finally I had no more uni work to attend to and could do something I love! I met so many lovely people who passed through the show hall and shared their appreciation and gave me great ideas for other creative projects.

In all, I sold nine things, from framed illustrations to vintage button necklaces, felt brooches, rings, hair clips, etc. It was a big variety that people chose from which was interesting. Everyone is so different from the next person, and what interests them.

I'll be at the next one in January, on the second Saturday of the month, 9am-1pm at the show hall, Main Rd, Willunga.

December 5, 2012

Vintage Button Necklaces!

Each button tells a story!

Thankyou to Meredith and Chris for sourcing and sorting these beautiful vintage buttons, they were a beautiful gift and I'm glad I finally had time to use them for something creative!

I've made four different necklaces, inspired by the seasons.
It was a treat to put them together into necklaces, some so unique and time-loved that they must be vintage or from overseas..

Behind the Scenes

Each button has a story and leaves you wondering and imagining romanticised stories of a love lost but maybe found, of the changes in time, trends, interests, life in general. I hope they leave you wondering too :)

They will be for sale at the Willunga Artisan's Market's this Sat! (in the show hall, Main Rd, Willunga, 9am-1pm).
Hope to see you there!


"Summer" assymetric vintage button necklace

"Winter" vintage button necklace

"Spring" vintage button necklace

"Autumn" vintage button necklace

December 4, 2012

My Needle Felting!

So ever since the Textile's Class with our guest speaker Nerissa about Needle Felting, I've really enjoyed making little creatures & have decided to sell them at the next Willunga Artisan's Market this Saturday! 9am-1pm at the Show Hall, Main Rd, Willunga!

Some are brooches, some magnets and a couple of rings! Pricing will be incredibly affordable for any Christmas Shoppers. Materials include Merino wool, glass beads and embroidery thread.

Hope to see you there!


Fridge Magnets



Brooch & Magnet pair

Brooch & Magnet pair

Brooch & Magnet pair