October 31, 2010

Videos of Wearable Art Parade (Year 12 Visual Arts Studies)

For my two Art Major Practicals in Year 12 (Visual Arts Studies) I chose to design and make wearable art.
Using many different materials besides textiles, I created a mozaic corset, angel wings, butterfly wings and things I'd never considered, until I sketched them. My brave friends paraded them for me.
Since studying fashion and tafe I can see how far I've come, but am glad I chose the path which has lead me to where I am now.  

October 24, 2010

Fantasy Portraiture

I love taking something real that exists then changing it and making it exist but in another context or media or element revolving around fantasy

Portraiture has been one of my new loves, now with watercolour and pencil accents of colour that evoke femininity and escapism into another world....
Fantasy Portraiture

 My latest Fantasy Portrait is of a friend, for her birthday. 
I'd love to do more commissioned work, one day! 
To collaborate with photographers who shoot the model, then have me 
illustrate their image. Their work existing in my work.
How much fun!

More of my Illustrations can be viewed from earlier posts. xx

October 21, 2010

1950's Maternity Frock!

Doing something different and new, designing, pattern-making and sewing a 
1950's Maternity Frock for a Pin Up Model's Maternity Shoot. 
I'm really glad it fit well and it was a lovely shoot. Gemma looked gorgeous.

Maternity Pattern-making was something new to me & I'm glad to have done it, and hope to do many more in future. 
The dress is cotton with a poly habutai lining. Quality construction inside and out, I take pride in my work & am glad when they are sold and go to good homes with people who appreciate what I do. 

Photoshoot Credits:
Model ~ Gemma V Endetta
Photographer ~ Claire Teague
MUA ~ Lauren Parkinson
Hairstylist ~ Natalie Hall
Assistant ~ Andy G Williams
Fashion ~ Belinda Zanello

October 10, 2010

Tiny Baby Fashion!

Baby Tiara, Duchess Satin, Czech glass beads, jewels, etc
I never saw it coming, but teeny weeny baby/toddler clothing is soo much fun, I hope to sew & sell more!!

This soft tulle tutu & headband, embellished with pearls, sequins, beads & jewels  
worn by newborn Angelique, photographed by Claire Teague.

see more of Claire's work at http://www.wix.com/claireteague/claireteaguephotography

October 9, 2010

A Year Ago Today...

It's hard to believe a year has passed, in some ways it feels like more than that, in others like it was only last week! I don't like to think about the nights of staying up until 4am sewing (including the night before the shoot!) And the cost factor and how exhausting it can be and taxing on your social life. 

But then when you get to the end, of working with beautiful fabrics & textures & seeing your designs come to life from a drawing which came from your mind, you see the light, see the rewards, and it's blindingly beautiful. And then you sleep for days! (bliss!) 
Hope you like the Video I put together, photos of "Behind the Scenes" at the shoot at Mt Lofty House, and then the finished photographs.

Click on the link below to see the Video, (music by Florence and the Machines, You Got the Love)

This shoot did change my life, I had no idea about Fashion Photography and the creativity and adrenalin and fun, very addictive. I'm so grateful to those who have let me into this world to work beside them & I hope I can pay it forward. This is for you...

~ Happiness is Gratitude ~ 
Belle xx
Tony Snape ~ Photographer
Becca & Jackson Kennedy ~ MUA & Hairstylist
Vanessa Bockmann & Rebecca Fletcher ~ Models
Taygan Bassi ~ Assistant
My Parents ~ My everything..

October 8, 2010

Baby Belly Painting

Baby belly art by Lawren Alice (www.lawrenalice.com) 

 So I'm a big lover of the Visual arts, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, etc. I've always loved body art, henna tattoo, face painting too, then I saw this new craze on TV about Baby Belly Painting and the rest is history. Even Mariah Carey has had her baby bump painted! Very grateful to have had a family friend bravely be my first canvas! :) This one took me 2.5 hours,  from sketching a design with the mum to painting it. I used non-toxic, water-based acrylics.

October 1, 2010

Fashion Designs & Garments

Illustrations ©

 What I live for... Fashion & Beauty Illustration, Editorials, Portraiture, Fashion Design, children's illustration, I love it all...& would love to make a living doing it too!...