April 19, 2011

Official Website Done!

Hey Fashionistas (& Fashionistos)!
I'm pleased to inform you that I finally have a website launched with my name in the URL, which to me, means it's enough to be counted as official! Have a looksie! Not all of my work would fit on there, but the rest can be found on the Fan Page (Belinda Zanello: Fashion, Styling, Illustration & Jewellery). This is mainly for those who don't have Facebook and therefore can't purchase my designs. This website allows them to see my work and email me on the item they'd like to buy.


Hope you like it! Please let me know via Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/BelindaZanello) or the Fan Page what you think of it, would love to hear your thoughts!
Belinda :)

April 16, 2011

New Baby Belly Painting! (It's a Boy!)

I'd promised Vanessa a long, long time ago that I would paint her baby belly, and at last we organised a date to do it (the night before her Art Exhibition Opening!).

 It was great though, she felt so relaxed and at ease; for once she wasn't the one painting! Her little son is due soon (37 weeks) and I can't wait until her & her partner reveal the name once he is born.

Until then, I have created an "Under the Sea" theme, which works well because Vanessa's latest art pieces are under-water themed! Enjoy! :)

Leafy Sea Dragon Festival: Art Exhibition

My dear friend, Vanessa Kalderovskis (fantasy artist) has just completed four art pieces to be exhibited at the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival 2011, in two art exhibits: "Canvas & Beyond" and "Beyond the Surface", now showing at Jubilee Hall, Yankalilla (South Australia) 16-24th April 2011.

There is something more to Vanessa's art that I picked up on (and I'm not being biased) because we overheard other people at the exhibit saying it had "a lot of soul and spirit" in her work. She really does know how to translate what she means onto canvas. This may be the last collection of art Vanessa does for a while, I really urge people to check it out & if you are a lover of fantasy art, this could really blow your mind :)

All pieces are for sale. All are acrylic on canvas.

To contact Vanessa:
mob: 0431 601 960
email: vanessa_kalderovskis@hotmail.com
Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vanessa-Kalderovskis-Artist/100703443342454

"Mother Nature's Keeper" $900

"Nature's Strength & Spirit" $500

"Dreams Beyond the Surface" $350

"A Sea Dragon's Garden" $250


Vanessa & Myself

April 10, 2011

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes ~ Fashion Shoot

Here it is at last! The Video of the 'Behind the Scenes' Fashion Shoot! Hope you like it, please subscribe to my youtube channel and find my page on facebook! See final photos from the shoot below.

A Behind The Scenes Video:

Photography ~ Antony Snape
Model ~ Lauren Frensham
MUA ~ Lauren Parkinson
Hair Stylist ~ Ninette's Hair Salon
Assistant ~ Austen Evans

Stylist/Designer ~ Belinda Zanello
Location ~ Stamford Grand, Glenelg

April 6, 2011

Flared Jeans, Spring 2011 Trend Alert!

My latest pencil sketch! I can't wait for Spring! High-waisted, flared jeans are back, 70's revival!

This is my illustration of my favourite style so far by JBrand Jeans, I just loved this model, she epitomized the look and feel so well, I can't wait for Spriiing!

 To be honest I can't wait for my short legs to look long with the high waist, and those forgiving flares that bare no prejudice on my thighs! 

So long skinny low-riders! ;) 

Say hi on my page!


April 4, 2011

Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Shoot!

I had an absolute ball at the shoot last week, styling is a bit like playing dress-ups with your favourite doll & making sure she looks a certain way to suit the style and to tell a story. Maybe my whole childhood was leading up to this, I used to have a massive dress up bin as a kid & actually met my best friend in kindergarten because we used to share the dress-ups and shoes when we'd play. Later on I'd start sewing for my dolls out of old socks and scraps of fabric, but that's another story ;)

This glamorous, luxe shoot took place at the Stamford Grand, Glenelg. One of the highlights of this shoot was (due to the fact) we were shooting on a rooftop swimming pool at the Grand hotel which has impressive steel structural architecture but no actual roof! I was cautious of the pigeons, and yes they did poop, but all my garments were covered in plastic so they lose! Apparently they didn't approve of my beige trench coat. But the AWESOME part I loved was when the wind picked up, and due to the open windows/roofless architecture we had this surreal wind blowing in the perfect direction, blowing Lauren's hair and skirt and tie, just perfectly! The fashion gods were smiling that day :)

Here is the team:

Photography ~ Antony Snape 
Model ~ Lauren Frensham
MUA ~ Lauren Parkinson
Hair Stylist ~ Ninette's Hair Salon
Assistant ~ Austen Evans
Stylist ~ Belinda Zanello

I hope you like my quick snap shots, behind the scenes of this shoot which have already been released on the facebook page, if you haven't "Liked" it, now's the chance! 
I'm very proud of my latest garment I designed & made, a tailored pale pink jacket, in cotton/sateen (stretch), with a floral cotton lining, jet pockets. Size 8/10, available to buy on my facebook page. Also all the jewellery featured was made by me, all for sale on facebook too. :)

And I can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL on here first that I will be editing and producing a short film (rookie film, guys!) with the behind the scenes footage I took also, very excited! Just working on getting the perfect software. 

Until then, enjoy these "Behind the Scenes" shots!

B. Xx

Stay tuned to see the actual photography (by Antony Snape) in my next post!
B. Xx

Stylist Portfolio meets Website!

Well it's been quite a while since my last post! But there will be a huge one coming up next, about a shoot I recently sewed for and styled in the most wondrous, luxurious of locations!

But until then, I've just made a stylist porfolio, online & wanted to share the happy news! Thanks carbonmade.com  :D

click this link to have a squiz!

B. Xx