June 29, 2012

End of Textile's Class

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the 12 students who signed up to my first ever 'Textile's Class' 8 weeks ago, it has been a pleasure and you have been the most lovely, co operative, enthusiastic students! I have learnt a lot in return too. 
I wish you every success in the future and hope to see you again!

Below are photos from the last class, presenting their Practical Projects (of either an apron, tote bag or clutch purse. 

Future courses in Personal Styling and Patternmaking are opening up in August. For enquiries email 


June 13, 2012

Textiles Short Course!

It has been far too long since I last did a blog post, life has been so busy but I'm enjoying every day of it. Now I'm on uni holidays for the next 5 weeks I intend to make the most of it and get plenty of sewing done!

I am up to Week 6 of the 'Textiles' Short course (8 weeks total) and we have been keeping very, very busy every week! My class contains 12 very bright, creative and enthusiastic students, some who have their own small businesses, some who run craft clubs and events and others who are very inspiring in their community work who want to extend their skills. It's fun and challenging and as they are already quite skilled, I have to be two steps ahead of them! I really love how unique and interesting our classes are when we get into discussion about things, especially vintage fashion and op-shopping!

In this course we are covering fashion/textile-related topics such as fibres and fabrics, apparel decoration, measurements, colour theory, size, scale, proportion, body shapes. We have 2 guest speakers on needle felting and quilting and 2 projects, one is a research project on a textile, the other is a practical project.

I can reveal also that next term I will be running TWO more short courses, a 1 day 'Personal Styling' course and a 6 week 'Patternmaking' short course. If you're interested, please email seafordmoananc@bigpond.com.au to express your interest!

Here are some of the Testimonials so far:

Thank You Belinda for the amazing classes!
I have been dreaming learning more about sewing for such a long time....
i feel very lucky to be a part of it!
You are doing an amazing Job!

Thanks for that Belinda - have really enjoyed the past two classes and am of course looking forward to tomorrow night. –Sarah

 I really enjoyed the class yesterday and I'm going to have a go at the pleating at the weekend.  Cheers.  -Pam 

 Soo looking forward to Tom night! & def keen to learn more from you in more classes!! You are a very very talented lady & a wonderful teacher!! X – Jayne

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Thankyou :)