October 19, 2011


On the 18th of October, 7pm at the Festival Function Centre I (and 950 others!) attended a little bit of Adelaide Fashion history & witnessed a parade I will tell my grandkiddies about. (Professional Photography courtesy of Antony Snape- www.antonysnape.com) 

Paolo Sebastian (Paul Vasileff) started his label at 16, in his final year of high school with a love of couture and tailoring. Fast track to 2011, and at age 21, after being accepted for a scholarship into the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan in 2010 he has just released his Autumn/Winter Couture collection for 2012 as part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival, 11-22 Oct 2011. 

His collection was inspired by the Russian composer Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake', evoking the strong emotion and elegance of the music. The parade opened to the familiar music of Swan Lake & built up to an intense height with a lights show and mist on the catwalk as the models floated and sashayed at an ethereal pace along the catwalk which was elegantly trimmed with ivy bouquets, completing the theme. 

The diaphanous silhouettes and draped chiffon reminded me of Haute Couture designer Elie Saab, who also has a way of embracing the female form with soft, flouncy fabrics contouring feminine soft curves. The bodices were swathed in in silks, velvets and my favourite, trending at the moment, lace. The precision detailing was incredibly romantic, embellished with crystal beading, from afar looking like sugared frosting and sparkling like stars. 

The skirts were like bouquets of cascading soft fabric, where I could really appreciate the thought that went into the cut & shape of each piece of fabric involved. The frothy confectioneries of tulle and chiffon was pure romanticism & fantasy. Paolo really takes you away from the mundane and into pure, unrestrained fancy and couture, every girls dream. The type of couture that could change your life in that cinderella instant.

I enjoyed the story of the parade, opening in what felt like the tale of the white swan where everything was light and pure, fantasy and imagination, but I especially enjoyed the middle of the parade where there featured a short red dress and a tan coat. To me it symbolised a moment for the audience as if the story itself was coming up for air, pausing, showing us the story of the girl in Swan Lake amidst the beauty and intense couture of the white swan and taking a quick breath before descending into the depths of the black swan's seductive underworld.

And of course, how can I leave out the grand finale, the Couture Bride. Literally stealing my heart and making me want to get married tomorrow. It was all of the above and more. Congratulations Paolo, I wish you every success in life and in fashion. I was so inspired to blog and illustrate from the catwalk parade. It was an inspiring night indeed. 

(Paolo's designs are available to buy from his studio, you can contact him via www.paolosebastian.com) 

(Professional Photography courtesy of Antony Snape- www.antonysnape.com) 


October 11, 2011

Happy Customer Reviews!

Hey everyone :) Just letting you know Facebook is getting rid of the Reviews/Discussions tabs for fan pages, so I've uploaded all my reviews to the ~*Happy BZ Customers*~ photo album, if you've got a chance, write me a review and I'll upload it too! With love in Fashion, B Xx

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Bridal Fashion Illustrations

Here they are at last, nearly a month in the making (including photographing them & watermarking, etc).
Hope you like them!

Remember, if you'd like your gown illustrated, email me at Belinda.Zanello@gmail.com for inquiries. :)