December 1, 2010

Latest Shoot - a Stylist's Recount

In a beautiful little bay shaped like a horse shoe, near by the rocks stands an elegant, strong model, blonde hair slicked back, eyes muddy and fierce in 6 inch pump stilettos. She is wearing a diaphanous, flowy design by Nichole McLachlan, a designer to watch out for. 

The gown is pure silk chiffon, hand-dyed using the shibori technique in colours of cool turquoise and cornflower blues and purples. Is it any wonder the designer won "student of the year" at Tafe, Marleston College 2009.


Swathed in soft silks, the model Talisa works with photographer Tony Snape and assistant Claire Teague amidst the high tides crashing on the nearby rocks below, creating gusts of sea spray and water; nothing like a bit of drama to make the shoot worth every second ticking on the clock to get that perfect shot. 


Tony, always professional, keeps shooting, only to pause and turn his back to the ocean spray and water momentarily, then resumes shooting, while we look on shivering and hoping the equipment doesn't mind it either. Claire tells us little raincoats are available for camera's, a worthy investment I think.


Mother Nature is playing games today, the sun can't decide if it wants to stay or go and the wind is reminding me of the tornado in the Wizard of Oz, which is quite fitting as Claire shines a special reflector onto Talisa creating a rainbow reflection on her skin, in my head I hum "somewhere over the rainbow" as the winds push us across the rocks further and further. 


Fortunately we complete shooting Nichole's garments before the heavens open, seeking refuge at the next location for the next look. Using various fabrics I have, I drape and secure the fabric to Talisa's body, adding minimal accessories to keep the look clean and chic. Sophisticated, without being complicated.


I really recommend visiting the sweet and quaint little Port Elliot Bakery on the way out, I felt like I'd never tried a real meat pie and lemon tart until that moment. It's a beautiful town, tucked away like a hidden treasure.

One can only dream of working at this beautiful place again on another shoot, many thanks to everyone who worked on it.


Photographer ~ Tony Snape
Model ~ Talisa C
MUA/Hair ~ Marie Fiorita
Fashion ~ Nichole McLachlan
Stylist ~ Belinda Zanello
Assistant ~ Claire Teague

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

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