December 10, 2012

Final Textiles Class!

Nothing compares to the feeling of helping a student grow & take control of their abilities. Today was the last day of the 9 week Textile's Course at the Seaford/Moana Neighborhood Centre (which I teach). All the students shared what they got out of the course and one beautiful student started to cry, because she had given herself a second chance at trying something she'd failed at and for the                  first time was in control of something. We all teared up a lot & I especially am so happy and proud of her efforts. Other students too appreciated my 'infectious enthusiasm' and some are thinking of starting to sell at their craft markets because I believe in them. It may not sound like much, but it helps confirm for me that teaching things I'm passionate about maybe is something I'm good at after all ♥

The Textile's class will be run again in Term 1 of 2013, stay tuned to find out dates/times.


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