October 9, 2010

A Year Ago Today...

It's hard to believe a year has passed, in some ways it feels like more than that, in others like it was only last week! I don't like to think about the nights of staying up until 4am sewing (including the night before the shoot!) And the cost factor and how exhausting it can be and taxing on your social life. 

But then when you get to the end, of working with beautiful fabrics & textures & seeing your designs come to life from a drawing which came from your mind, you see the light, see the rewards, and it's blindingly beautiful. And then you sleep for days! (bliss!) 
Hope you like the Video I put together, photos of "Behind the Scenes" at the shoot at Mt Lofty House, and then the finished photographs.

Click on the link below to see the Video, (music by Florence and the Machines, You Got the Love)

This shoot did change my life, I had no idea about Fashion Photography and the creativity and adrenalin and fun, very addictive. I'm so grateful to those who have let me into this world to work beside them & I hope I can pay it forward. This is for you...

~ Happiness is Gratitude ~ 
Belle xx
Tony Snape ~ Photographer
Becca & Jackson Kennedy ~ MUA & Hairstylist
Vanessa Bockmann & Rebecca Fletcher ~ Models
Taygan Bassi ~ Assistant
My Parents ~ My everything..

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