October 21, 2010

1950's Maternity Frock!

Doing something different and new, designing, pattern-making and sewing a 
1950's Maternity Frock for a Pin Up Model's Maternity Shoot. 
I'm really glad it fit well and it was a lovely shoot. Gemma looked gorgeous.

Maternity Pattern-making was something new to me & I'm glad to have done it, and hope to do many more in future. 
The dress is cotton with a poly habutai lining. Quality construction inside and out, I take pride in my work & am glad when they are sold and go to good homes with people who appreciate what I do. 

Photoshoot Credits:
Model ~ Gemma V Endetta
Photographer ~ Claire Teague
MUA ~ Lauren Parkinson
Hairstylist ~ Natalie Hall
Assistant ~ Andy G Williams
Fashion ~ Belinda Zanello


  1. would you take a custom order? i just found out one of my bridesmaids is pregnant and am having a really tough time finding a replacement dress! i LOVE this!

  2. Hi Brittany,
    Thankyou for liking my design :)
    Unfortunately I stopped dress-making a year ago for clients as I don't have the time or space anymore, but am happy to recommend other dress-makers in SA if you need :)