April 19, 2011

Official Website Done!

Hey Fashionistas (& Fashionistos)!
I'm pleased to inform you that I finally have a website launched with my name in the URL, which to me, means it's enough to be counted as official! Have a looksie! Not all of my work would fit on there, but the rest can be found on the Fan Page (Belinda Zanello: Fashion, Styling, Illustration & Jewellery). This is mainly for those who don't have Facebook and therefore can't purchase my designs. This website allows them to see my work and email me on the item they'd like to buy.


Hope you like it! Please let me know via Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/BelindaZanello) or the Fan Page what you think of it, would love to hear your thoughts!
Belinda :)

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