September 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

Wow I can't believe it's already been a year since I started blogging! It's definitely gone fast!
Although I'd love to blog about every project I do, be it fashion, styling, illustration, jewellery, & more; sometimes there just isn't the time, so I hope you can find me on facebook at my page:

I endeavor to continue blogging as long as there's a free computer and I have the time. It's a lot of fun & I love reading people's feedback/comments on my posts, so please don't ever stop!

I'd like to thank each and every person for following my blog and to those who follow the facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr profile's I've created. I love trying to reach out and find others who share similar interests and creative passions, otherwise the world just doesn't feel the same. I hope if you're reading this and you too want to start something based on your passions or interests, be it just a hobby, or even a small business or beyond, that you do start it, start it today. Tomorrow isn't promised today, as dramatic as it sounds; but I wouldn't have put any of my interests into action if I kept waiting & putting it off time and time again. As Oprah said, "You always had the power" and finding your calling really is why we're all here. Some people can utilize their gift or interests into a career or occupation, others find that it isn't always so, it could be something more personal, like the way you can lift people up, or your quirky silly streak or your nurturing personality.

Not all gifts or callings end with a six digit salary. The main thing is you are living to your full potential of satisfaction. It's what makes you want to get up in the morning & start really living your best life. For me that is creating. I love creating beautiful things that give people pleasure, but also things that are personal, that may invoke something sentimental. When I source materials usually they are unique and one-of or kind of quirky and left-of-centre, I just believe that in this mass-made world, I just want to hold something in my hand and know who made it, know where and how and why it was made, and made by someone who WANTS to make it because it gives them pleasure, not because they're in a factory being paid $2 an hour to make it. I enjoy what I do and it gives me joy when I see people appreciate the simple fact that it was made with love. Love is the strongest thing on this planet. Do what you love, with love. That is what I'm reminded of on my blog's birthday. Funny, but true. :)

Belinda :)

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