November 5, 2011

Paper+Plus Art Sale

After much work & self-discipline, 20 Fashion Illustrations made their way to my first ever art exhibition/sale. Fashion Illustration definitely feels like my 2nd occupation, after having a full-on week sewing costumes for my other job, I'd go home, have dinner, have a coffee and start my second job. But I looked forward to it every day. A big note of gratitude is due to Nerissa, for encouraging me to participate in it, always a pleasure to be involved in events you co-ordinate for The Arts :)

So without further ado, here are the photos from the 2011 Paper+Plus Art Sale at Port Noarlunga Arts Centre, on the 29th-30th October. (Fashion illustrations in acrylic on canvas, water colour, graphite, colour pencil, chalk, charcoal & metallic pencil) 

The part that really had my heart racing (apart from just hanging my work up next to some incredibly talented and individual artists!) was doing an 'Art Demo' during my volunteer time in the middle of the room, illustrating the green dress Keira Knightly wears in the film 'Atonement'. I've nearly finished it now & will share it soon. 

If you made it to the Arts Centre, thankyou so much for coming & supporting local artists! It was a great learning curb for me & it truly opened my eyes to see how unique and varied people's art styles can be, each just as valid and interesting as the last. I know I have a long way to go & will continue to develop my style & portfolio, but that is the beauty of the journey, no? I will also be selling some of these illustrations, framed & unframed, originals & prints at the Fleurieu Artisans Market (,) December 10th, see you there! 

To PURCHASE any of my illustrations from this Art Sale, check out my facebook page ( to comment under the photo of the one you'd like, or you can email for enquiries :)


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