January 25, 2012

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!

While I know most Aussies are looking forward to putting their feet up tomorrow as we all "put a shrimp on the barbie, mate", I can't help wondering why we really have this holiday, aside from being naturally amazing people. My way of celebrating is by doing some inspired fashion illustrations. Hope you enjoy :)
According to www.australiaday.org.au  "On Australia Day we celebrate across the nation in any number of ways, from community barbeques to fireworks to yabby racing. But it’s also the day where tens of thousands of people each year become Australian Citizens. Australia's Federation Guard raise the Australian National Flag at the same time as an aerial flyover and 21 gun salute in the presence of the Governor-General. The Prime Minister will then conduct the Australian Citizenship Ceremony and welcome Canberra's newest Australian citizens in Canberra at 10.00am on Australia Day, Thursday 26th January 2012."
I like this definition more than the excuse to have a BBQ. Just sayin'. Having been to a few citizenship ceremonies in my life, it's a pretty special time. I've seen the look of hope, independence & completeness on people's faces as they become Australians. It's great. Coming from an Italian background and having a diverse bunch of friends from different cultural backgrounds, I've always thought of Australia as (well it virtually has been called) the multi-cultural capital of the world. I love the richness that many cultures bring, the yummy food, arts, sports, music and more. For that I am truly grateful to be Australian. Have a shrimp on the barbie for me today :)

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