January 29, 2012

Plus Size Fashion Illustrations

It dawned on me that there really are no Curvy (plus size fashion illustrations) in main stream fashion. A friend of mine asked if I'd draw one and I gladly obliged with four illustrations. While studying fashion over three years, we didn't venture outside sample sizes (size 10) except once. I really wanted to see what it would be like to illustrate something so new to me.

Back when I did dress-making for weddings & formals, most of my clients were size 16 (Aus size) & that's where I learnt how to sew for real, fuller-figured women & it was fun, challenging and never boring! Anyway, I believe all sizes deserve the right to be represented in the fashion industry, we are only just starting to crack through the concrete mold of what is 'normal'. Once being a size 16 myself in my teens, I can understand the frustration & lack of validation the industry can sometimes send in mixed messages in the media thanks to digital airbrushing and the like. Everyone is beautiful. There are many shapes & sizes out there, & you do count. "Be the change you want to see in the world".  Please enjoy my plus size Fashion Illustrations :)

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1 comment:

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I wish I could get the images of a full figure template so I could pretend like when I was a child drawing pictures of fairytale dresses BUT in MY size!! Thanks for the images!!!