July 25, 2012

Spin Off

To brighten up my winter, I attended the new music festival, called 'Spin Off' and was pleasantly surprised with the venue, line up and amazing performances by my favourites (and style muse's) Kimbra, Lana Del Rey!

Also Band of Skulls, Last Dinosaurs, Yacht Club DJ's and more. It was a great day & well worth seeing next year if they hold it again.

From a designer/seamstress point of view my night was capped off perfectly when I saw Kimbra's outstanding explosion of colour, which would be her skirt!

Created with a mini hoop skirt underneath with netting underneath, it was covered in bias binding strips which held folded ribbon of various colours, in the shape of squares.

 The strips were free-moving and swirled and bounced when Kimbra danced, and she did!

Just wanted to share some shots of it, to inspire and be inspired.

B xx


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