November 12, 2012

Elizabeth Camping's Quilt Art & Free-Motion Sewing

Today I was thrilled to introduce to the Textile's Class our guest speaker, Elizabeth Camping and her incredible collection of Quilt Art designs. Elizabeth has been quilting for many years and you can really tell it is a passion and her calling to create beautiful works of textile art which bring so much happiness and awe to others. When you see Elizabeth's work you immediately appreciate the hours which go into such intricate pieces, from the planning to finding just the right fabrics and embellishments and then cutting and constructing such work on a much larger scale.

Her work is perfectly balanced in colour, texture and composition in such a way it seems narrative, figurative and detailed right down to the finest glass seed beads and rainbow metallic threads. It truly can be said that a good quilt, like any piece of art, needs more than 10 minutes to appreciate and to take in every detail.

Elizabeth has won many international quilting competitions and exhibited all over the world, she currently only teaches at the Seaford/Moana Neighborhood Centre centre on Tuesday mornings and I am so grateful to have had her demonstrate in our Textile's class the work and techniques she uses and we all felt incredibly inspired by it. Thankyou Elizabeth! I hope to get quilting soon, even if I just start small!

Please make sure you check out Elizabeth's blog to see more of her beautiful work & maybe come along to one of her classes if you're interested in Quilting and Quilt Art! I also wish to congratulate Elizabeth's quilting class for entering their class quilt (inspired by Seaford/Moana Neighborhood Centre) and won a Toyota Sewing Machine for the centre, well done ladies!

Elizabeth's Quilting Class' Quilt which won a Sewing Machine for the Centre! Congrats ladies!

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