November 19, 2012

Needle Felting with Nerissa!

Today was another class I really looked forward to at the Seaford/Moana Neighborhood Centre since the last time I ran this textiles course, I was introduced to an awesomely creative textile medium and technique, NEEDLE FELTING! 
There are no limits to the things you can create! You are sculpting and creating anything from animals, to flat felt, 2D or 3D, big or small, anything can be made! It was a pleasure to have back our lovely Guest Speaker Nerissa, who has exhibited her creations in a gallery, sold in boutiques and online and very gladly showed our Textile's class how it is done! 

It is such a cute art form, especially if you take it to a 'micro craft' level, as Nerissa did and made me a tiny purple kitty (see pic) and I placed it next to a 50c piece to show it's size! Loved it! After the class finished I drove straight to spotlight to buy more dyed merino wool and needles, I'm not finished yet! Fingers crossed I can make a few more to sell at the markets next month, it really is so much fun and I suggest you try it, there are plenty of great books on it out there too! 




  1. Had a lovely time showing your class how to needlefelt today!
    They were naturals! Thanks for having me ;o)


  2. Great pictures. You can see me stabbing my wool to death there, hehe.