September 9, 2013

HAIRSPRAY Costumes Complete!

The last few months have been manic! Glad to finally post again! I fell really ill towards the end of the Hairspray costume work but had to push on and finish those costumes!

I'm so glad I got them all done, after that I was hospitalized twice but fortunately got out of hospital on the night I was planning to see the show, so I could attend! I have been recovering since and am feeling much better a month later :)

From April to August I drafted patterns and sewed around 20 costumes from scratch and 3 padded body suits and altered around half a dozen. We had a full cast of around 100 girls, all singing, all dancing! It was an incredible night and everyone went to so much effort to get this production to shine, especially my best friend, the musical director, Emma-Jane.

I also wanted to share, the dress I wore on the night was made by my great grandmother for my grandmother in the '50's, to wear out dancing. It's like an organza or organdy fabric. It needed some repairs and I made a slip for it with netting. Can you believe I am the exact same size as my grandmother, it fit me perfectly!

Enjoy the photos! To see the production shots of the musical, check out St Aloysius's school facebook page photo album here:

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