September 9, 2013

My Fashion Photography BEHIND THE SCENES

This year I've been studying photography at Uni SA. I bit the bullet, bought my first SLR camera and had a go. For our final assignment we had to produce 6 images using photo manipulation skills on Adobe Photoshop CS6 and of course our camera skills, shooting manual. I'd like to thank all my friends who modelled and helped me, offered guidance and supported me.
6 image series – “Anywhere but Here”

Storytelling through imagery has been in my life since I first discovered my passion for art and then fashion design. Now I have chosen to explore the possibilities of digital art and photography as a medium to express, convey and hopefully provoke some reflection and feeling stimulated from my work in digital photography.

This series was inspired by digital artists such as Kirsty Mitchell and Alexia Sinclair, and commercial/artist photographers Tim Walker and Annie Liebovitz for their strong storytelling narrative work, though very literal and symbolic, I find their work to make great statements which are very memorable and trigger memories and stories for their viewers to unpack.

All six images are connected by a common thread – quite literally. Each model is wearing a gown or item of clothing made by myself from my days as a designer/seamstress. Subconsciously I chose each gown as I found it suited the character in each shoot. Only the Madame Butterfly doesn’t technically have a dress of any sort though.

The common thread doesn’t stop there though, in this story it is about a woman, who is represented by 6 different women. She is in the most opulent of decadent realities, the sort people can only wish for, and yet she isn’t happy, isn’t whole. Wherever she is, she wishes she were someplace else. Is it wanderlust? Is it the desire to find more meaning to her existence? And why has she woken up from this dream life, what could have changed her? We hope that wherever she is next, for women across the globe included, that she finds what she is looking for. Wherever it is. 

These are just the Behind The Scenes shots from Instagram:

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