June 2, 2017

Teaching Fashion at Carclew!

Since gaining my Teacher's Registration, it has been wonderful, as Miss Zee, to also have the privilege of teaching Fashion Illustration and Fashion Design at Carclew Arts School in the January and April school holidays this year! (for ages 10-17).

I have been very grateful to also have Zinia King (Very talented Adelaide Illustrator!) as my incredible assistant in my workshops! Thank you again Zinia!

I just wanted to share some photos of the students' work, courtesy of Carclew, because I'm so proud of their successful efforts to create their own fashion in a day! In this post, you can view:
How they were shown how to render a fashion croquis (fashion figure template), and then pose the fashion figure, adding shape and tone to bring them to life; then completing the look with clothing and textures! We even took it further with collage and craft in their illustrations! They did a great job!

I also had the Fashion Design Workshop, where in ONLY one day students learnt how to design, illustrate and manipulate patterns to create their chosen design. They then learnt how to hand-sew, and do embellishments like sequinning, buttons, fringe, etc. We then completed the day with students having a photo shoot at the end, showing them the full production of the fashion industry, from design to advertising!

How did we do this all in a day, you ask!? We did it on small-scale! Barbie-scale to be exact! And now that Barbie has produced four different body shapes, the girls had a ball, representing all heights, builds, nationalities and more in their beautiful fashion shoot! One happy fashion teacher here! I've even had a show of interest for adults to do this class! Not a bad idea! I just need a facility to teach it in! If you know of one in Adelaide, let me know! Email Belinda.Zanello@gmail.com

Enjoy the photos!


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