June 2, 2017

Photography Project, Uni SA

It occured to me today while teaching a Year 9 Photography class, that I have not uploaded my Photography Collection from when I studied Digital Photography in 2013 at Uni SA! And I really wanted to show them my example. So here it is.

Two of the images (out of six) were published a few times in the Uni SA student magazine 'Verse' and one was selected as the only state finalist for SA in the NCAP: National Campus Art Prize, hosted at Nexus Art Gallery, Adelaide.

My images were inspired by the likes of Alexia Sinclair, Kirsty Mitchell, Tim Walker and Annie Leibovitz. They were all connected by a common thread, literally! All garments featured were designs of my own.

The behind the scenes Blog Post can be found here

Many thanks again to my friends who modelled for me, and lent their skills to my creation.

Inspired by concepts of a woman living in an opulent hyper-reality of beauty and decadence, but wishing she was someplace else.




NCAP State Finalist & Published in Verse Magazine twice!

Published in Verse Magazine

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