May 16, 2011

Volunteer Fashion Workshop!

Using recycled clothing and fabrics, I volunteered in a workshop for Edmund Rice camps (girls 11-15) showing them how to do apparel decoration and fabric manipulation & embellishment to turn an old top into something new & personalized. 

Also encouraging the use of sustainable fashion by recycling something rather than just throwing it out. The girls were so lovely & eager to listen & make something & learn how to "Up-cycle" their clothing & make it new again.

Edmund Rice Camps (SA) Inc. provides camps, day activities and other support programs to children, young people and families. ERC also provides volunteers, particularly young adults, with opportunities to gain experience and training working with children, young people and families experiencing disadvantage.
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 I had a ball & hope to volunteer again, it was great. I really recommend giving a few hours of your time to volunteering, it really is the most rewarding thing you can do, with most people putting such a high-price on their free time, (isn't that funny? Shouldn't free time be FREE?) being the time-poor society that we are today, do something for someone else, it can change your whole perspective knowing that you have changed or helped someone else's life, even in the littlest of ways. "Your free time should be free. Volunteer" -Belinda xx

Workshop Time! (I'm on the right)

T-shirt to braided strap singlet top

Fabric Yoyos

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