July 20, 2011

The 250 Necklace & Stylist Advice

What's the best Stylist advice I can give? "Dress Like You Mean It". Don't wear a trend just for the sake of it. Wear what feels right for your personality, age, gender, size, shape, culture, style but NEVER wear something just because it's a status-trend. "Be yourself, no matter what they say" With fashion, you're a hunter/gatherer, hunting for what you love, gathering accents of who you are but NEVER a follower. Belinda x

Introducing "The 250 Necklace":

Stylish and practical, very handy if you're out in town and a dress tears or zip breaks, you have plenty of ammunition to hold your garment together! ;)

"The 250 Necklace"
$29.95, FREE postage in SA
14.5cm diameter
250 individual pieces

To place an order email me at Belinda.Zanello@gmail.com 
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