July 8, 2011

Poetry Collaboration

Today, while slowly recovering from a 3-day fever, I was given an inspiring poem, written by a lovely friend. It was so thought-provoking and full of imagery that I started sketching, this is what I created. Thankyou to Virginia Snape, for inspiring me. Xx

A Ripple in Time...by Virginia Snape

Once upon the smallest drop, for it did fell
Sent ripples across a certain wishing well
The woman she bent to the cool water’s edge
Her hot breath whispered her desire, her pledge...
“Oh to recover the youth of my day
For my frame to grow younger while my mind stays the same
For I have learnt when to serve, please and tease
But what good are those things for an old woman like me
If I grew younger I would know what to do
For I had no idea then, I had not a clue”

Now the trees of the forest, they shook with great fear
Their leaves they did rustle as the wind did rush near
For they knew what she asked is the start of no good
They had seen it before in that very same wood
Although she would start with the knowledge of age
She would rely on her beauty while her wisdom waned
For the real young did not care for the wise in any way
They placed matters of importance in the looks of the day
Soon she would learn that she did not belong
She’d find herself drifting to a time that stretched long.

Here she is, the lady by the well, it's a little abstract but I'll explain it all.

The ripples are represented as those rings that grow and behind the lady, inspired by the artist Mucha, brilliant backdrops of circles!

"the leaves they did rustle" and "wind did rush near" is depicted flowing forcefully through her hair as the trees try to warn her.

Her knowledge and wisdom is expressed in the complicated and logical geometric 'diamond-like' circles that are in line with her upper forehead, showing the complexity and intricacy of her wisdom.

I drew her as the beautiful youthful version she longed for, but gave her the drifting gaze of melancholy as she sees that "she does not belong" and is "drifting to a time that stretched long"



  1. Hi Belinda!
    Thanks so much for your lovely post on my blog a while back, I only just caught it then, sorry for my late reply!! I've been very behind with my blog the last few months, but glad you enjoyed my posts! I intend to start posting regularly again soon :)
    Your blog is gorgeous and inspiring too! I love this poem your friend wrote - such an honest truth which us young people should stop to think about sometimes. Your drawing really captured the woman!
    Hope to read more of your posts soon :)
    - Claire x

  2. You're very welcome Claire!

    Thankyou for your lovely comment!

    I look forward to more of your blog posts too!
    Belinda x