March 25, 2011

Going Gaga for Vogue

At laast! My U.S. Vogue came in the mail (March issue, about one month behind but who cares, it's Vogue!)
Weighing almost a kilo, over 500 pages of pure fashion & news from all over the world with a patriotic tick of approval for American Designers.

American fashion is too clean and simple for my taste, but it's a fair trade off for something I love to sink my claws into every month. :)

THIS is the POWER issue, Gaga on the cover, her shoot photographed by Mario Testino, on location at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Honestly & candidly written by Jonathan Van Meter who follows her on the Monster Ball Tour.

You will have to pry this issue from my cold dead fingers if you want it! She wears mostly Alexander McQueen throughout the whole shoot. Fashion.Art.Talent.Beauty...

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